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Linda Gall's first canvas was an old phone book. Recognizing her talent early on, the artist's mother encouraged her to draw in the thick, outdated volume, over the names and numbers on the densely covered newsprint. Perhaps this early point of her creative development is where she first became comfortable with the appearance of incongruity between her subjects and whatever lies behind or beside them, something she's been exploring in her work for the past five years.

Melissa Starker, from the catalog essay for Paintings, Drawings and Books, 2005

An intimist who makes history paintings, Linda Gall compresses vast human events and landscapes onto easel size canvases. The figures in her work time travel from middle American backyards to war-torn landscapes in remote regions. It's as if all earthly scenarios and stories can be balanced on the tip of her paintbrush, as she telescopes effortlessly between the swashbuckling wide-screen to the miniaturist's obsession to detail.

Michelle Weinberg, from the catalog essay for Scenarios, 2004


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Waiting for the Sixties

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