South Beach

Every morning, as I walked the beach during a residency in Florida, trucks and plows would drive by picking up garbage and turning over the sand to make South Beach fresh and clean for the day ahead. It's a beautiful beach for beautiful people, in what locals call "paradise." I've added white holes to my drawings of the water, sand and rocks, that are reminiscent of multiple moons, bouncing dots of radiance, and dripping necklaces of jewels. The white holes are in direct contrast to my feelings of dread when confronting the idea of black holes, which I think of as whirling, sucking vortexes from which there is no escape from an unknown danger zone. The white holes open onto earth, bringing light and hope, and maybe rescue, from a friendlier sphere of influence.

exhibited in "Paintings, Drawings and Books" at Rebecca Ibel Gallery, 2005*

*catalog with essay by Melissa Starker available


Sandy Hook
colored pencil and ink
22" x 30"
2005   424 Putnam Avenue Zanesville, Ohio 43701   ph 740-452-6746   ©2005