Train Wrecks

Something of a merge between the 'Petite Disasters' and the 'Industrial Wastelands', the 'Train Wrecks' are simple depictions of disasters that could not have happened in an age pre-dating the Industrial Revolution. In the 'Petite Disasters', Nature was responsible for the wreak and havoc of communities and the consequences might have been the same in any age. In only one instance, where a track was washed out during a flood, was Nature to blame for the ensuing death and disaster in these train wrecks. The idea of twisted, bent and burning metal and plastic has an unnatural mechanical association unavailable in an instance of earthquake or volcanic eruption. It has the more terrible aspect of a self-inflicted wound, an horrific act that causes one to shudder and turn aside. There is a repugnance, even revulsion with disasters involving objects manmade - heavy metal that can crush and maim. Self destructive acts that we are in willing compliance with, justified by the benefits reaped through the existence of the machine. As horrific as the destructive force of the machine may be, there is conversely a wonderful beauty in the emptied, burnt out and twisted husks of the railroad cars.

  Train Wreck                  

Train Wreck: Gunter, TX
Watercolor and ink on paper
7 x 15 inches

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